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Our goal is to assist all

Individuals requiring walking aids with

indoor foot covers.

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My Story

As Baby boomers age and the future generations claim their spot as the most significant population, living arrangements are changing. Multi-generational families are becoming common. There are grandparents with walking equipment while babies are crawling on the floor.

As an inventor, I had two complete knee replacements. During recovery, the walking aids provided were loud, challenging, and uncomfortable. Cover by KIC came to me during my free time while recovering as I put my passion for sewing to work. After several attempts, I finished my first pair of covers. Soon others were asking where they could purchase covers. I was hooked and began to produce. 

We are a 100% Women-owned and Minority-owned company. I hold a product patent and all items manufactured in the United States. 


“Success is consistently doing what you said you would do, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.”


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